Another world out there - Susannah Stracer

Susannah Stracer | 2022 | Zachte kaft | Engels
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Susannah Stracer’s 'Another world out there' spans over three decades of outdoors photography. Although her main subject is people, it would be a mistake to call it social. No stories are being told, no deeper context is suggested. A split second of reality is captured and being transported into the universe of aesthetics. Susannah doesn’t participate, she doesn’t interfere - she takes scenes from the everyday outdoors and elevates them into the higher reality of light and shadow, lines and surfaces; turns them into magic by the touch of a knob, the opening of a shutter. That’s what witches do; that’s what alchemists do - that’s what photograpers do.


Door (auteur) Susannah Stracer
Uitgeverij Brave New Books
Genre Fotografie, film, video als kunstvormen
Uitgave Zachte kaft
Aantal pagina's 159
Verschenen op 31-08-2022
ISBN / EAN 9789464654127
Taal Engels
Gewicht 607 g
Hoogte 297 mm
Breedte 210 mm
Dikte 9 mm