Team development cards

Growing powerfully
Verschijningsdatum: 01-06-2016

Uitgave: Cards 
ISBN: 9789081936019
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Team Development is illustrated by twelve different aspects such as archetypes, roles, success factors, collaboration and change. Every aspect has nine specific sub-aspects.

A universal language has been chosen in which the sun and the moon are simultaneously exposed. The cards help you and your team to gain deeper insights on the subject of cooperation and the development actions, which have to be taken to get an optimum team performance.

You can use these 108 cards during the start of a project, during meetings, (team)coaching, team building, or in combination with workshops. This set also includes a manual, which describes how to use these unique cards as a professional, trainer, coach or manager in your work and/or private life. Do you dare to grow?

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Door (auteur) :M.A. van den Broek, S. Villhaber
GeÏllustreerd door :S. Vermeulen
Taal : Engels
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