Dear Sun, - Shanice Westenberg

Shanice Westenberg | 2021 | Paperback / softback | Engels
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Dear Sun, is an ode to the pain, depths and emotions Shanice Westenberg has felt. At a young age she had to deal with certain struggles that made her realize her way of coping with the chaos was writing. Along the way she learned more about her inner emotions and her spirituality. As a very sensitive person she openly explains the feelings that caused her to grow in past years until now. Unfiltered and vulnerable she wrote. Take a dive into her reality and let the words take you to another place. Find yourself comfortable or confused or even uncomfortable. Learn along the way. Open your mind to the magic.


Door (auteur) Shanice Westenberg
Uitgeverij Mijnbestseller B.V.
Bindwijze / format Paperback / softback
Verschenen op 10-02-2021
ISBN / EAN 9789403617732
Taal Engels
Gewicht 121 g
Hoogte 235 mm
Breedte 155 mm
Dikte 6 mm