Failing Forward - Marjolein Blom

Marjolein Blom | 2022 | Zachte kaft | Engels
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Fifty years ago, optimism concerning scientific progress seemed endless. However, while the techniques from the space industry found a way into our daily lives, science grew increasingly apart from the everyday world. Scientific interpretations are complicated for non-experts to grasp, resulting in an exchange based on trust. The truth is that science actually is a temporary and uncertain activity, with ambiguity, curiosity and unpredictability as fundamental elements of its process. In Failing Forward Marjolein Blom (NL) explores what connects art and science. Mysteries from the everyday world are interwoven with images from the NASA archive. A kaleidoscopic work of oddities that focuses upon the notion of the attempt.


Door (auteur) Marjolein Blom
Uitgeverij Idea Books B.V.
Uitgave Zachte kaft
Verschenen op 13-07-2022
ISBN / EAN 9789492051790
Taal Engels
Gewicht 554 g
Hoogte 295 mm
Breedte 212 mm
Dikte 12 mm
Aantal pagina's 120