Living on the Edge - Agata Toromanoff

Agata Toromanoff | 2022 | Harde kaft | Engels
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Living on the cliffs is undoubtedly an adventurous prospect - the stunning vistas, unspoilt natural surroundings, and the quietness of remote locations with the flair of a hide-out, as well as the proximity to nature, whether an ocean front or a mountain range.

From houses that already exist to visions of tomorrow, the projects gathered in this volume embrace challenges such as steep, rocky terrain, limited accessibility, extreme weather conditions, and preserving the natural environment. Architects around the globe demonstrate the most innovative solutions for sites where construction may seem unthinkable.


Door (auteur) Agata Toromanoff
Uitgeverij Terra - Lannoo, Uitgeverij
Genre Bouwkunst, architectuur
Uitgave Harde kaft
Aantal pagina's 256
Verschenen op 23-08-2022
ISBN / EAN 9789401484886
Taal Engels
Gewicht 1351 g
Hoogte 278 mm
Breedte 218 mm
Dikte 29 mm