Some way out of here - Jos Jansen

Jos Jansen | 2022 | Harde kaft | Engels
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How can we visualise people’s state of mind in times of confusion and transformation? Some Way Out of Here by Jos Jansen (NL) explores a new and different way to represent the uncertainty of the era we currently live in. He sought the limits of lens-based image making in a manner that resonates with the fluidity of this theme. Using a 3D LiDAR camera, known for its ambiguous and mysterious point clouds, he scoured the streets of Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, capturing people lost in their thoughts, questions and dreams. Unknown futures lie ahead.


Door (auteur) Jos Jansen
Uitgeverij Idea Books B.V.
Genre Fotoboeken
Uitgave Harde kaft
Aantal pagina's 48
Verschenen op 26-09-2022
ISBN / EAN 9789492051905
Taal Engels
Gewicht 447 g
Hoogte 308 mm
Breedte 235 mm
Dikte 10 mm