Een bezoek aan Jozef Van Ruyssevelt - Edouard Vergnon

Edouard Vergnon | 2022 | Harde kaft | Nederlands
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In the space of a relatively short career, the painter, etcher and photographer Jozef Van Ruyssevelt (1941–1985) created a rich and intense body of work that is still far too little known. He excelled in his use of colour and chiaroscuro, his everyday surroundings providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him: furniture, utensils, plants, walls, windows, foliage, grass and the countryside beyond. Van Ruyssevelt’s style is marked by the same abrupt transitions that typified his sometimes exuberant, sometimes despondent personality. This book presents a large number of essential works, many not previously reproduced, supplemented by photographs from the artist’s personal archive that are likewise published here for the first time.


Door (auteur) Edouard Vergnon
Uitgeverij Idea Books B.V.
Genre Kunst algemeen
Uitgave Harde kaft
Aantal pagina's 160
Verschenen op 14-10-2022
ISBN / EAN 9789493039728
Taal Nederlands
Gewicht 863 g
Hoogte 288 mm
Breedte 198 mm
Dikte 21 mm