rebirth - Diniz Janssen

Diniz Janssen | 2021 | Zachte kaft | Engels
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rebirth is a collection of poetry about finding yourself again. about losing yourself, and learning to love yourself. this book contains four chapters, each serving a different purpose. the chapters are based on the sun’s changes: setting, dying, rising and glowing. we go through it, too. rebirth takes you on the long journey that awaits you after darkness; it is about finding your light again.


Door (auteur) Diniz Janssen
Uitgeverij Brave New Books
Uitgave Zachte kaft
Verschenen op 01-12-2021
ISBN / EAN 9789464481754
Taal Engels
Gewicht 258 g
Hoogte 210 mm
Breedte 148 mm
Dikte 16 mm
Aantal pagina's 171